Saturday, April 9, 2011

Youtube channel to complement this Blog

Now that we are well and truly back home - I am going to attempt to put our 3800 photos and 1500 video snippets into some kind of order - after culling much of it - so that I can create a number of short videos to upload to Youtube.  Here they are.  It is better to watch them at the 480P setting and expanded (not to full screen size). It is going to be a mammoth task - which I think will take me sometime - so I hope you enjoy it all.  I must apologise for the quality of all the pics in this Blog - they were all taken with a $50 Samsung pocket camera.

For us, this Blog and the movies will be our memories of our adventure into the future. Does anybody know how long things posted to the Internet will remain?? Forever???  But, in case they don't, we have had the Blog printed into a nice hardcover book - and we will store the movies on DVD's.

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