Friday, October 29, 2010


paying respect to "Banjo" Patterson's verse  - "There was movement at the Station, for .....",  I can say that at last "There HAS been movement at the Station, for .." we have received our documentation from P&O for the Oriana cruise.

In this day and age when more and more is being done online and a lot of things like printed tickets are now a part of the past and all you get to hang onto during this excruciating period of waiting for the cruise to come around is an "eTicket" - it is nice to see that P&O UK still hands out some "goodies". It isn't much and is merely a printed version of what you can see online, but it is glossy and colourful and has our name printed on the front cover!!!

Still no sign of a cabin allocation yet - but that is part of the deal when you have a "guarantee" fare. We don't mind where we go on the ship really - we have received allocations for Arcadia and Queen Mary 2 and are very happy with what we have got. They were delivered separately by 2 small upgrade Fairies - who knows, perhaps the Queen of the Upgrade Fairies may visit us for Oriana??

Monday, October 18, 2010


The worst thing about booking a holiday - is then waiting for it to come around!!  Some say it is the best part -- but not for me!!.  I guess it is probably because we waited six months for our aborted car tour of the UK to arrive ( which it eventually didn't) - and now we have been waiting another 6 months for our upcoming cruises. It is said that good things come to those who wait - but I don't know who came up with that thought!

Anyway, it is only less than 3 weeks to go now - and all of a sudden a lot of things that we have been meaning to do have suddenly become a little more urgent.

In the meantime, we took the opportunity to travel down to the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia's Annual General Meeting Rally on the coast at Port Macquarie.  It is only a 600 kilometer drive down there - but we did it the long way over 8 days with a group of friends in our motorhomes/campervans, with a further week at the Rally. Had some abysmal weather at times - cold, wet, windy and hot -- and that was just in one day!! But overall, there were some delightful days and great times.

A beautiful Spring morning in the New England area

Winter is trying to hang on - but it knows that the morning sun will send it scurrying

Our old bus/campervan

Good friends relaxing

On the Coast 

Who said "life isn't meant to be easy??" .