Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First Blog post

One month before we leave - and I am trying to figure out this free Blogging facility from Google. Last time we went to the UK in 2008, I created our own website and uploaded the necessary files and photos, etc to my ISP - but that was a bit painful. This looks like it may be a bit easier. We shall see!!

Anyway, we hope to be able to keep this Blog up-to-date as we travel around the UK. Show you a few photos. Right now in late March it still looks quite cold over there. We have been there before in the Spring (May/June) and it has been OK.

Looks like you can leave any comments that you care to make as we go along.

Why do we like to go to Britain so much?? The photo above is one reason.

    OH!! -- and another one      

Here are a couple of Slideshows of photos that we took last time we were in England in 2008 -- FIRST WEEK IN LONDON -- DRIVING AROUND ENGLAND